ValBGI seeks to develop a multidisciplinary, stakeholder-informed assessment framework for the effectiveness of Blue-Green Infrastructure (BGI) to reduce flood risk and improve urban natural capital. Thereby, the project examines the role of BGI in short- and long-term urban development, with application to the city of Can Tho, Viet Nam.

This holistic framework integrates a number of disciplines and does not only follow an interlinked and multidisciplinary research agenda but also advances the academic state-of-the-art in the individual disciplines involved.

The NERC funded project includes the engagement of key stakeholders in the research process to co-develop solutions and disseminate evidence to key decision-makers; innovative high-resolution modelling of flooding and BGI at the city-scale; and spatially explicit assessment and valuation of changes in the provision of ecosystem services enabling the quantification of the investment into urban natural capital effectuated by BGI. 

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